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Are you a backyard breeder?

    I had a conversation today that has enlightened me. I couldn’t understand why so many people insist on having litters of puppies, and think that it’s completely acceptable. It makes me angry, and frustrated, and sad. But I have now realised that people may not understand what exactly a backyard breeder is. A backyard breeder is essentially anyone who is deliberately breeding animals and is not a registered breeder. A registered breeder is usually someone passionate about a particular breed, and knows everything about them, their care, their standards for show, and networks with others interested in the breed. Obviously there are exceptions, but so far every registered breeder I’ve met is utterly fanatical about ensuring the health and welfare of their animals, and ensure puppies go to the best homes. A backyard breeder is someone who does not have their dogs checked or tested before breeding them; it is worth noting there are some backyard breeders out there who think that because their dog is a purebred, and have papers, that they aren’t backyard breeders. Irresponsible breeding is the same regardless of whether it is with purebred or mixed breed dogs. Others think they aren’t backyard breeders because they’re not doing it for money; they just want little Sparky to have a couple of litters, because puppies are soooo cute. Other reasons I’ve heard include that they wanted the kids to have some great memories, and they will totally find great homes for them. Or that the parents are great hunters, or so attractive, and their excellent heredity will get them good homes. I would like to be able to say they are fooling only themselves. But unfortunately I think they’re fooling some of us as well. I believe… Read More »Are you a backyard breeder?