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Abby – Adopted 2015

    In 2015, Hannah saw the adoption profile for Abby, a blue cattle dog x.  At just one year old, Abby had already been badly neglected and abandoned, and needed a fresh start with people who would love her for the amazing dog she was.  Hannah instantly fell in love with Abby, and thought she would be a wonderful match for their other blue cattle dog Jax.

    Abby was Hannah’s very first rescue dog, and was everything she had hoped and more.  Hannah describes Abby as protective, obedient and very affectionate, and she fitted straight into their fur family, with Abby and Jax being just like two peas in a pod!  She is still a little timid around new people, as a legacy of her days before she was rescued, but Hannah says a little reassurance is all she needs.

    Hannah encourages anyone considering rescue to “just go for it!  Rescue animals really are beautiful; although they often have had a tough start to their life, they have their own little quirks and it makes you feel happy to see them happy – you might have to persevere but why not give them a second chance.”