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About Us

Sam has been a member of CQ Pet Rescue for many years and has filled many roles including foster care coordinator.  Sam’s role requires her to be responsible for shaping the direction of CQ Pet Rescue, organise for animals to go to other rescues when needed along with transport, and is the direct contact for all media, council and government departments. Sam is passionate about saving animals and educating people about animal cruelty and responsible pet ownership, and loves working with such an awesome team!  Sam has had American x English staffy Nadia since she was a tiny puppy, and a rambunctious retriever Murphy.
Susan has been with CQ Pet Rescue for ten years.  She is currently serving as treasurer and was adoptions coordinator and president prior to this.  Susan’s role as treasurer requires her to handle all financial management, data entry and banking, and reminding everyone to keep receipts.  Susan loves being able to give her time to such an amazing cause and finds fulfillment in every aspect of rescue work.  Collie x Jess was found as a stray puppy, and collie x shepherd Stevie was adopted from CQ Pet Rescue.
Stacey is currently our Secretary.
Peta is currently our cat pound coordinator

You will be looking after the pound dogs.
– Liaising with the Council Rangers when they have an animal available to us, going to do a behavioural assessment
– Taking photos
– Communicating with our foster carer coordinator and then when everything is organised picking them up from the pound, bathing them and dropping them off at Maraboon vet or their foster carer.
This job is a bit specialised. It needs
– Someone who works shift work, part-time or is available to meet with the rangers during office hours at some stage
– Someone who has a good understanding of dog behaviours and body language to assess if they’re rehomable or not. We will never knowingly put our foster carers, their pets and any potential adopters at Risk of a dangerous dog.
If this sounds like a lot, don’t stress. Providing you have the fundamentals of dog behaviour we have the wonderful Hayley who is happy to do a bit of a handover period and get you totally up to speed before fully handing over the reins.
Cindy has been a Foster Career for two years and has just taken on being foster care coordinator.  Cindy’s job at CQ Pet Rescue is to liaise with the pounds and catteries coordinators for animals needing to be rescued, finding them carers, and then working with careers until the pet is rehomed.  Cindy is passionate about saving animals and educating people about animal cruelty and responsible pet ownership, and loves working with such an awesome team!  Cindy has 5 beautiful fur children in the form of Massey (blue cattle dog x) Saint and Duke (kelpie x blue cattle dog) Heli (Collie x kelpie) & Toro (Kelpie).

This position would require someone who has 2-5 hours a week available. Responsibilities are:
-Review dog adoption applications
-Talk with applicants
-Conduct yard checks
-Introduce the dog to potential family
-Complete the adoption paperwork
This is a great position that allows you to be able to place rescue dogs with their forever families, and walk away knowing you have made a real and genuine difference to people’s and animals lives. You will work along side a supportive committee who all love animals and support each other, and become lifelong friends along the way. 
If this sounds like something you would like to do, email your interest to

-Leanne is currently our cat adoptions coordinator. Leanne joined Pet Rescue in 2018. She Specializes in bottle feeding newborn kittens and nursing sick cats back to good health. She understand cat behavior and finds joy in uniting kittens/cats to their perfect home. She also believes that cats need to be desexed and housed either indoors or in an enclosure. She has foster failed three cats. Shifty whom she bottle fed from 4 weeks. (Shifty has wonky eyes hence the name), Crews went to her very scared so he had to stay. Lastly Meri who was dumped on the side of the road with her litter mates whom all needed bottle feeding, Meri had developed some quirks so she had to stay as well. She has a multi pet permit as she also has two older cats so 5 in total. My husband built an enclosure that runs the entire length of the house. I show everyone who adopts a cat to try and inspire them to do the same.

Learni has been with CQ Pet Rescue for eight years, during which time she has either been Adoptions Coordinator or Food Coordinator, in addition to being a foster carer.  Learni greatly enjoys being a part of CQ Pet Rescue because everyone shares a common goal and works so well together to achieve it.  Learni has spent most of her life on cattle properties, and has the requisite number of animals to prove it; Max the bull arab, Abby the lab x (both pictured) and Winston the mastiff were all adopted through CQ Pet Rescue, whilst Madeline, cats Taylor and Rousey and Stephen the fighting fish all found their forever home with Learni by their own methods!

Sky is our food guru in blackwater.

This role entails a few things. It’s new to us so we’re making it up as we go along.
Community engagement role:
– Promote CQ Pet Rescue in the community – host market stalls, chat with people at Show days, go along as CQPR Rep when we are invited to attend functions, and visit schools to chat with kids about being good pet owners.
– Able to work with local businesses for sponsorship, donations and grants to assist in our rescue work.
– Enjoy using social media to promote CQ Pet Rescue events and activities.
– Suits a dynamic personality who enjoys being part of the wider community and working with different teams of people.
We have a wonderful fresh committee with additional positions to help share the workload. The hours are flexible to suit you (within reason) and you’ll be a part of some messenger chats where we mostly just talk rubbish and share TikToks of cats being ridiculous. Not to mention the odd team brunch (my favourite part).



If you’re interested, please e-mail us at and we’ll contact you! Thanks.