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Arya – Adopted 2019

    When Alexa and her family read Arya’s profile, they liked the sound of it so much they volunteered to foster her temporarily while her regular foster carer was on holidays. And sure enough, they loved Arya so much, they couldn’t bear to let her go, and decided to adopt her after two weeks.

    Alexa says Arya is the sweetest and most affectionate little girl, who snuggles up to her human dad anytime he sits down. Everyone who comes around to the house is greeted with a meow and a leg rub, with demands for pats!

    Alexa says that Arya’s description was 100% accurate, which was one of the reasons why she loves CQPR, it makes finding the pet for you so much easier! Arya has settled in so well, Alexa says she can’t imagine life without her.