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CQ Pet Rescue $15K desexing drive and golf day

    Article Written by Di Stanley at CQ Today –


    Before a ball gets hit off the tee in the CQ Pet Rescue Charity Golf Day later this month to raise much-needed funds for the volunteer organisation, pet owners have the chance to hit a hip pocket hole-in-one with free animal desexing on offer.

    CQ Pet Rescue treasurer Susan Consedine said the not for profit group had chipped in $10,000 for a desexing program run exclusively through Emerald’s Gray Street Vet Clinic with the Central Highlands Regional Council donating another $5000.

    The organisation relaunched in earnest in late January after a brief hiatus.

    “We really found out feet as a group, worked out where we were and we managed to hit the ground running from there,” Ms Consedine said.

    “We are still looking for a pound coordinator and a community engagement coordinator, but other than that, all the committee positions have been filled and we’re engaging now with the rangers on a regular basis and extracting animals from the pound.

    “We are still desperately short of foster carers, but we’re trying out best with what we’ve got.”

    Ms Consedine said the return of the desexing program amid unprecedent cost-of-living pressures on families would be welcomed.

    “We have a number of vouchers for the public to access for free desexing for their pets – cats, dogs, doesn’t matter what size what age as long as they’re over six months old and we will pay in full for that,” she said.

    “We have $15,000 of money there to help the public desex their pets which we think is really important in this economy and these hard times and a lot of people are going to be able to access those resources.

    “We know how difficult the current climate is and how difficult it is for some families to look after very much-loved pets these are pets that give people a meaning in their life, something to get out of bed for, some companionship, and they shouldn’t be penalised for not having enough money to have them desexed.

    “Gray Street Vet Clinic are very excited to be part of this campaign and they’re fully on board with it and are they are going to hit the ground running on Monday.”

    Ms Consedine said the available funds would cover the desexing costs for 50-60 animals.

    “Fifty or 60 animals desexed doesn’t sound like a lot but… when you factor in those animals are likely to have litters of their own and so forth, it is quite a practical impact on the numbers in the pound and we have really noticed ever since we started we doing these campaigns, the numbers have been dropping,” she said.

    “It had some success for sure and we think it makes a real difference for people and their ability to be a responsible pet owner.”

    The CQ Pet Rescue charity golf day, on Saturday 27 April at the Emerald Golf Club, is one of the big fundraisers for the year with organiser Selwyn Nutley, whose Containers for Change recycling efforts have already raised more than $100,000, at the helm.

    Central Highlands Toyota sales manager Joel Green said the dealership had supported the charity golf day for the past seven years.

    Players have the chance to win a new Toyota to the value of $50,000 if they score a hole-in-one on the 17th.

    “It’s a good cause and we’ve always supported everything that Selwyn has done,” Mr Green said.

    “He’s the man behind it and he works so hard for the whole community, not just CQ Pet Rescue, and he’s an amazing person.

    “And I think the prize, people do get excited about it and it draws a good crowd and it’s a good opportunity.”

    To register for the three or four person Ambrose charity golf day, call the pro shop on 4982 1793.