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CQ Pet Rescue rises up again

    CQ Pet Rescue has successfully reformed and recharged with a fresh executive team.

    “This is something I’ve always been passionate about,” she said.

    “So, when we had to close our doors because the resources were spread pretty thin, it was a little bit heartbreaking to realise that the animals going to the pound couldn’t be saved.

    “We’ve had well over 1000 adoptions since CQ Pet Rescue started.”

    Ms Evans said with many newcomers to executive positions after the make-or-break meeting on Sunday, 20 November, consultation would be held with Central Highlands rangers to map out future interactions.

    The Emerald pound is currently closed for the second time in little more than a month due to another outbreak of Parvovirus.

    “We’ll talk through the pound closure and how we all move forward from that and then we’ll be able to hit the ground running,” Ms Evans said.

    Ms Evans, based in Blackwater, said there were between 50 to 60 foster carers on the CQ Pet Rescue books in Emerald, Blackwater and Springsure.

    “We’ve got a lot who have been quiet of late, but now they’ve had a bit of a rest as well, they’re ready to come back and take animals again,” she said.

    “A lot of the foster carers got completely burnt out because there can be quit a lot of stress on them, and us as well.

    “So it’s been really good for everyone to just step away, have a bit of time to ourselves and our families, go on a few holidays and then come back and refocus.”

    Ms Evans said her priority as president was to ensure the group was managed to avoid the pitfalls of the past.

    “I want to make sure we don’t get in the same position as we did before with burnout,” she said.

    “I would rather scale the operation back to give people more breathing room rather than work people until everyone loses their passion or doesn’t want to do it any more or people are there for the wrong reasons.

    “I just want to make sure we’re focusing on what is important and we’ll be doing what we can with people so they don’t let themselves get overwhelmed or take on unnecessary stress.”

    The positions of pound coordinator and community engagement officer remain vacant for the new committee.

    If you can help, contact CQ Pet Rescue through its social media.