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Fi – Adopted 2018 and Letty – Adopted 2019

    Tamsin is the proud human of Fi and Letty, both adopted from CQ Pet Rescue.

    Fi was adopted in 2018 by Tamsin, who had recently lost her dogs to old age, and knew she needed a furry friend in her life.  Tamsin thought Fi would be a perfect fit, and Fi took to town life well, and then moved out to a farm.  Letty came into Tamsin’s and Fi’s family a year later, and Tamsin believes it was meant to be.  As soon as she saw Fi and Letty together, she know that they were a perfect match, and they became friends straight away.

    During the time Fi and Letty have been with Tamsin, Fi has been bitten twice by deadly brown snakes, and Letty once as well!  All resulting in vet treatment and recovery, and certainly a great deal of stress and worry, and now both can serve as poster fur children for the importance of vet insurance!

    Tamsin says that something she would say to anyone looking at adopting a rescue is to get a dog that is the right match for you and your lifestyle, be prepared to be patient, and to be willing to put the time into training them.  Accept if they have baggage, and help them move past it.

    “I love my girls and I want to thank CQPR for helping me get them.  It has been a journey and a half but I wouldn’t change it for the world”.