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Meet CQ Pet Rescue foster carer Helen Ingram!

    Blackwater is the kind of town where some people are just known by everyone.  And everyone in Blackwater knows Helen Ingram. 

    Helen has been fostering for CQ Pet Rescue since 2014, when she saw the great work CQPR were doing by taking in neglected and homeles animals from the pound in Blackwater.  Helen decided this was a charity she could get behind!  She joined the CQ Pet Rescue team, and hasn’t stopped being a force for rescue animals since.

    Helen specialises in puppies needing a carer, and she spends a great deal of time working with them on training and socialisation.  “I love seeing my fosters bloom from scared, sometimes skinny, puppies to healthy, confident, happy dogs or pups who learn quickly with basic training,” Helen says with a smile.  “Most of all, I love seeing them find their forever homes.”

    Seeing foster animals find their forever homes would certainly be something Helen is familiar with!  Helen and her family have fostered over 20 animals full-time until they found their Furever homes, in addition to fostering countless holiday and temp care animals.  Helen often sees social media posts up about her former foster puppies that are now happy and treasured family pets, and also sees them around town from time to time, being walked or in the car with their families.  Helen believes fostering is a vital part of rescue. “It is the most rewaring job you could do to help a rescue organisation.  I’ve also roped in a fair few people I know over the years as new carers” she laughed.

    We asked Helen what was her favourite adoption success story.  “We had a dog named Dora who was found abandoned at the Emerald weir in the middle of winter, and she had six young puppies with her.  CQ Pet Rescue took them all, and the pups eventually went to separate carers to get them ready for their new homes.  We took little Tippy, who was such a little character, and she eventually got adopted to a family in Yeppoon, where mum and dad had decided to surprise their kids with her.  They were just so excited when they found out they were getting a puppy!  She was renamed Tilly, and I still regularly get photos of her progress, and it just brightens my day.  We keep in regular contact, and I take my dogs for play dates with her!”

    Helen is a huge fundraising support for CQ Pet Rescue, and organises a number of raffles throughout the year, in addition to taking donations of money and food.  “I love fundraising for CQPR as all the animals we rescue have another chance at life, and without fundraising we would cease to operate.  I really enjoy being part of an organisation that is actually making a huge difference to these animals that nobody cares about.”

    In June, Helen is moving permanently to Yeppoon, and will no longer be able to foster for CQ Pet Rescue.  While we are devastated to lose such a loved member of our team, we wish her nothing but joy, success, and happy adventures ahead for this new chapter of her life.  “I will miss the satisfaction of knowing you have done a good deed for these animals that don’t really have a voice.” said Helen.  “CQ Pet Rescue are that voice.  They are a great organisation and have made a lot of friends that I will miss.”

    We’ll miss you so much more Helen.  Thank you for all the lives you have saved, the incredible hard work you put in, and the joy you have brought to so many people with your dedication over the years.  From all of us with two legs, and all of us with four legs and wildly wagging tails.