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Pet Registration in Central Highlands

    Responsible Pet Ownership To maintain healthy human/dog relationships, here are some basic guidelines you should follow:

    • Register your animal at three months of age. Failing to register your dog can result in a $200 fine.
    • Consider de-sexing and micro-chipping your animals
    • Walk your dog on a lead
    • Keep your animal in your yard
    • Don’t allow your animals to upset your neighbours
    • Make sure your animals don’t frighten people or other animals
    • Ensure your animals have regular vet visits. During the 2010/2011 financial year, approximately 502 dogs were impounded, 83% were returned to their owners or re-homed, and 17% were not claimed and were euthanised.

    Family Pets shouldn’t become statist; register your animal and make sure it wears its tag

    Micro-chipping Central Highlands Regional Council encourages ALL animal owners to microchip dogs. c. This is the best form of identification, so your animal can be rescued and reunited. There are three circumstances when microchipping an animal is mandatory:

    • If the animal was under 12 weeks of age when the micro-chipping laws were introduced in the local government a, rea, i.e. 1 July 2009
    • If the animal is being sold or given away
    • If the dog is declared regulated, the dog Benefits of micro-chipping
    • Microchips provide a permanent form of identification for the life of your pet.
    • Unlike a collar and tag, a microchip can not be lost.
    • Microchips here cover your pet from anywhere in Australia 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
    • Simple and easy to perform—one quick injection beneath the skin by your vet (just like a vaccination)
    • Inexpensive once-off minimal cost protects your pet for life.

    What do you get for your registration fee?

    • An animal care progrIdentificationion of your dog
    • The reuniting of lost or injured dogs with owners
    • Investigation and resolution of dog problems
    • Maintenance of Council pound facilities
    • Dog patrol services to help reduce the number of dogs loose in public places

    Registration Fees


    Type of dog Cost
    Entire dog $143.50
    Desexed OR microchipped $30.00
    Desexed AND microchipped $20.00
    Pensioner – entire dog $53.00
    Pensioner – desexed OR microchipped $30.00
    Pensioner – desexed AND microchipped $20.00
    Regulated dog (Declared dogs only; discounts for de-sexing and microchipping do not apply) $831.00

    Guide Dog/Hearing Dog NO, FEE, but registrations are required

    *Current Declared Dangerous Dog

    All Cats and dogs, except working and service dogs, require registration from 12 weeks. The council offers discount fees as an incentive for owners to microchip and desex their animals.

    Use the following link to download your register your dog

    Register a dog