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Polly – Adopted 2016

    As soon as Jess saw Polly the cattle cross mastiff puppy jumping around on the family trampoline with her son when the family came to meet her, she knew instantly that this puppy was going to be a part of their family forever.

    Polly came into care with CQ Pet Rescue at just six weeks of age, along with her mum and siblings. Jess was excited to adopt Polly, as they had wanted a dog for so long, but were never able to get one due to renting. Polly had proven to be the perfect addition to the family; she loves going on walks, licking people’s feet, chewing anything available, and going in the car for drives, but most of all just loves being with her people.

    Jess says that anyone looking at adopting a rescue dog should definitely do it! “We don’t choose us pets, they choose us. Polly chose us (and anyone else who gives her attention!).”

    And even now, four years later, Polly still loves a good bounce on the trampoline!