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Recycling for rescue!!!

    In November 2018, CQ Pet Rescue signed up for the Containers 4 Change recycling program.  And we haven’t looked back.

    Containers 4 Change offer 10C per can or bottle that is suitable to be recycled.  Organisations can register to have an ID number which allows members of the public to donate their recycling to them, and the organisation can collect recycling and bring in themselves for refunds.

    CQ Pet Rescue has a small team of people who have dedicated themselves to developing the CQ Pet Rescue Recycling program, and it has been a phenomenal success so far!  We would love to introduce you to the people who made this happen:

    Hayden Thomson – Hayden first heard about the Containers 4 Change program in mid-2018, and thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for CQPR to have an ongoing income stream.  Hayden helped CQPR put together a grant request to the Central Highlands Regional Council for funding to buy some bins and a trailer, and we haven’t looked back since!

    Selwyn Nutley – Selwyn is a passionate campaigner and fundraiser for CQPR, so we naturally asked him to join our new recycling team!  Selwyn is a fervent recycler, and every week he collects the bottle and cans from our recycling partners at the Maraboon Tavern, and from a number of local bins he has placed around town.  Selwyn loves being able to tell you the exact number of cans and bottle he collects each week for CQ Pet Rescue!

    Maraboon Tavern – When the Maraboon Tavern heard about CQ Pet Rescue’s Containers 4 Change Program, they were on board immediately.  With one of the most popular venues in Emerald, the Maraboon have a significant number of cans and bottles to be recycled, and we are delighted to take them off their hands each week!  The Maraboon team are very supportive of CQ Pet Rescue’s work, and we are delighted to be able to work with such a fantastic business that really wants to be a part of the wider community.

    Central Highlands Regional Council – The CHRC was instrumental in getting our Containers 4 Change program off the ground when a generous grant of $5,000 was given in order for us to set up our infrastructure for this program.  Our grant paid for 10 wheelie bins and a trailer we modified to fit two 1,000L pods on it for bottles and cans at events.  With these resources, we’re going full steam ahead!

    YOU – Many private individuals are now donating their recycling to CQ Pet Rescue and making a significance difference by doing so.  We are grateful for all donations, and you can donate to CQPR at any Containers 4 Change depot.  Just quote our ID number C10011327, and your recycling change will come through into our bank account.

    You can find out more about Containers 4 Change and check the opening hours at 
    Emerald – Re.Turn-it, 10 Glasson St
    Blackwater – Kanga Bins, 22 Arthur St
    Springsure – Kanga Bins, 53 Gap St
    Capella – Kanga Bins, 5 Hibernia Road

    CQ Pet Rescue are delighted that the Containers 4 Change program has been so successful, and we’re looking forward to even more opportunities to grow in 2019!