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What Does CQ Pet Rescue Inc. Do?

    CQ Pet Rescue is the only animal rescue organisation in the Central Highlands. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and are passionate about our work.

    What we do

    After reaching their legal time limit, CQ Pet Rescue Inc. has a Memorandum of Understanding with the CHRC Animal Management team to foster and re-home animals from the local pound. The Animal Management team are legally obligated to give an animal 72 hours for its owners to collect it. Before CQ Pet Rescue was created, after the time limit had been reached, it was standard practice for unclaimed animals to be put to sleep. With CQ Pet Rescue in operation, we are now notified when animals are in the pound so that we can try to find space with a foster carer if they are unclaimed. As long as they are not deemed dangerous, and we have foster carers available, we can take them from the pound and re-home them.

    Once these animals are in our care, we book them into the vet on the same day or within the next day. They are vaccinated, microchipped, and wormed. If they are six months or older, it is standard practice for us to desex them. As per our adoption agreement, all animals re-homed through CQ Pet Rescue MUST be desexed.

    We fundraise a lot to offset the cost of our vet bills. Our adoption fees only cover some of our expenses, and our vet fees are discounted. If a member of the public gets a free puppy or kitten and then receives the same level of vet care administered that we have made mandatory for all of our foster animals, it will cost them a lot more than what it would cost them to adopt from us with all of that treatment already completed. Our adoption coordinator can break this cost down for potential adopters to show how reasonable our adoption fees are about the costs we are billed for the proper care of that animal.

    What we do not do

    Private Surrenders

    We do not accept private surrenders from the public. We used to do this, but due to legislation, the council can fine us if we take in surrendered animals. For this reason, we no longer accept surrendered animals, and they must be processed through the pound in accordance with the law.

    Stray Animals

    We do not pick up stray animals found wandering the streets or in someone’s yard. Again, this is due to legislation. If you see a stray animal, you should ring your local council. The Central Highlands Regional Council number is 1300 242 686. Please follow the prompts on the phone system and leave a message with your details if one of the Animal Management team does not answer.

    Veterinary Advice or Financial Help

    We do not provide veterinarian advice or financial assistance to those with animals that need care. We are not qualified to do so and do not have the financial capacity to assist. If you cannot pay for your animal’s urgent vet care, consider applying for Vet Pay to help your precious pet through its illness.

    When needing veterinarian care, including emergency after-hours care, please get in touch with one of the local Emerald, Qld vets clinics:

    Gray Street Veterinary Clinic
    43 Gray Street
    07 4982 4868

    Maraboon Veterinary Surgery
    1/65 Hospital Rd, Emerald QLD, 4720
    07 4987 6800

    Wildlife Care

    We do not do wildlife care.

    Animal Abuse Cases

    We do not have any legal authority to intervene with potential animal abuse cases. If you have any concerns about an animal’s welfare, please get in touch with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. They have an office at 99 Hospital Road. Alternatively, you can call them at Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 so the details can be forwarded to the Emerald Office. Give them as much information as possible, such as the location, name and contact details of the owner, nature of the complaint, etc.

    Please note that while the RSPCA has the authority to handle abuse cases, they do not operate this far out.

    After Hours Service

    Please note that we do not offer 24-hour service. CQ Pet Rescue is run strictly by volunteers who all have their own families, jobs, and other commitments to attend to. There are only a small number of us running this organisation. For this reason, when you contact us, please allow up to 5 business days for a reply. We do not have the resources or manpower to monitor communications around the clock.