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Are you ready to adopt?

    CQ Pet Rescue looks at a number of factors when adopting our animals to new homes.  We always aim to place them with families where they will be loved, healthy, secure and happy.  To that end, we consider a number of factors that can influence this outcome, and be the difference between a happy pet and one that is frustrated, roaming or neglected.  If you are thinking of adopting a pet, ask yourself this: People have a number of reasons for applying to adopt a pet.  Whatever your reasons, ask yourself these questions, and answer honestly to yourself:  Are you willing to be responsible for an animal that will depend solely on you for its happiness and welfare for the next 10 to 15 YEARS, which you will need to feed, exercise and play with EVERY SINGLE DAY?  Are you willing to work more hours or spend less money on yourself to pay for the animals vet care, food and extra costs?  Are you willing to factor your pet into your decisions and lifestyle choices for the next 10 to 15 YEARS as a responsible pet owner?  If the answer is not yes to the above questions, then pet ownership is not for you at this point in your life.  Whilst pets are wonderful, they can also be hard work and a lot of responsibility and expense. Fencing and security Do you have good fences?  Are there gaps underneath or between planks, are they not high enough, are gates always left open, are you on a property with a secure house yard?  Secure fencing is essential in making sure your pet is not able to wander off and roam, putting themselves in danger and being a nuisance to your neighbours. … Read More »Are you ready to adopt?

    Meet CQ Pet Rescue fundraising champion Andrea!

      In the town of Rubyvale, Queensland, there is a fantastic woman whose fundraising activities have helped save the lives of hundreds of animals. Countless dogs that were waiting in misery and fear to be euthanised in council pounds have instead had leads slipped over their heads and been walked out the front door. Cats and kittens cowering in cages have been gently picked up and carried to new foster care homes. They have all gone on to new lives of love and safety. And they all have Andrea Shawmarsh’s tireless fundraising to thank for their second chance. Eight years ago, Andrea read an article in the local CQ News about a new charity, CQ Pet Rescue, starting up. They were planning to rescue animals on death row in the local council pounds and find them new homes. A lifelong animal lover who arrived 41 years ago at the Gemfields as a child, Andrea knew this was a cause she could get behind and contacted a committee member to discuss what she could do to help. Andrea has owned the Rubyvale Friendly Grocer in partnership with her sister for sixteen years, and her parents owned the grocery store for years before them. So Andrea was the best possible champion CQ Pet Rescue could have in the area to promote CQ Pet Rescue to the local community. A few weeks after contacting the CQPR committee, Andrea had one of the very first CQ Pet Rescue donation tins sitting on her counter in her store, and her journey to being one of the organisation’s greatest champions began. There isn’t much Andrea hasn’t done in terms of raising funds. In addition to cash donations, she has organised for sales of donated books and DVDs… Read More »Meet CQ Pet Rescue fundraising champion Andrea!

      Meet CQ Pet Rescue foster carers Mark and Lauren!

        What do you do when you can’t commit to having a pet, but love animals and having a pet in your life?  You foster a rescue pet of course! This is exactly the conclusion that Mark and Lauren came to when they moved to Emerald in 2017.  They were always planning to go overseas in the future, and believed that unless they could commit to a dog for its entire life they shouldn’t adopt one.  But going years without having a dog in their life?  Not an option! Lauren had fostered for the RSPCA in Mackay and Angel Paws in Townsville, and Mark was ready to get on-board the fostering train as well.  So they contacted CQ Pet Rescue, and we were only too glad to sign these two amazing people straight up! In the two years Mark and Lauren have fostered for CQ Pet Rescue, they have fostered 13 dogs up until they found their forever homes, and temp cared for an additional 22 dogs, puppies and kittens.  Most of their permanent fosters have been dogs over 6 months old, but they have always been open to taking any animal that needed help. Mark and Lauren had a gift in dealing with dogs that tend to fall into the ‘too hard’ basket, which is exactly why they ended up in the pound in the first place.  High energy, mischievous, escape artists, untrained…. A lot of these dogs ended up with these two remarkable carers.  Suddenly high energy dogs that had been dumped in a backyard and never even been played with found themselves joyfully running 4km a day.  Dogs that had never been trained or socialised found themselves learning manners and meeting all kinds of new doggy friends.  Escape… Read More »Meet CQ Pet Rescue foster carers Mark and Lauren!

        Recycling for rescue!!!

          In November 2018, CQ Pet Rescue signed up for the Containers 4 Change recycling program.  And we haven’t looked back. Containers 4 Change offer 10C per can or bottle that is suitable to be recycled.  Organisations can register to have an ID number which allows members of the public to donate their recycling to them, and the organisation can collect recycling and bring in themselves for refunds. CQ Pet Rescue has a small team of people who have dedicated themselves to developing the CQ Pet Rescue Recycling program, and it has been a phenomenal success so far!  We would love to introduce you to the people who made this happen: Hayden Thomson – Hayden first heard about the Containers 4 Change program in mid-2018, and thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for CQPR to have an ongoing income stream.  Hayden helped CQPR put together a grant request to the Central Highlands Regional Council for funding to buy some bins and a trailer, and we haven’t looked back since! Selwyn Nutley – Selwyn is a passionate campaigner and fundraiser for CQPR, so we naturally asked him to join our new recycling team!  Selwyn is a fervent recycler, and every week he collects the bottle and cans from our recycling partners at the Maraboon Tavern, and from a number of local bins he has placed around town.  Selwyn loves being able to tell you the exact number of cans and bottle he collects each week for CQ Pet Rescue! Maraboon Tavern – When the Maraboon Tavern heard about CQ Pet Rescue’s Containers 4 Change Program, they were on board immediately.  With one of the most popular venues in Emerald, the Maraboon have a significant number of cans and bottles to be… Read More »Recycling for rescue!!!